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The Art Roadshow

The first day is for the guests to have a platform that gives them the frames of reference for the next day’s experiences. We will visit some of the most interesting art galleries and art institutions in Stockholm. The next day they will also be given the opportunity to purchase art if desired so therefore this is a good start to a preparatory dialogue with the art advisor / guide. On this day, we can go into more details on the different taste and liking. Based on that I might correct the second day’s gallery round.

The second day is more flexible and depend on external factors; which exhibits going on, what art is most interesting for the customer, etc.

This tour is created for a group of maximum 6 people but it can be modified depending on the number and desires of the group. It can be shorter for example, maybe there is no more than one day to spend.

In the first place, it is my guests who decide, then I assume their needs and requirements to tailor the tour!

Art Advisory is included but transport, entrance fees and meals are additional costs depending on the requests of the group.

For further information please contact +46(0)70-7614315.

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About Art Advisor Iréne Carlson

Iréne Carlson is an Art Advisor with many years of experience from the art market. She started as a real estate broker and after that she spent more than 20 years as an art consultant with her own business (

The last years she has been working on regular basis with art appraisal as a valuer certified by Swedish Chamber of Commerce (

Her educational background is both in economics and aesthetics. She is also licensed as a qualified guide by Stockholm Visitors Board (

This combination together with her long experince and passion for art makes her the perfect guide for your art tour in Stockholm!

Example: 2-day tour

Day 1

08:30 I pick up the guests at the hotel along with chauffeur. The car is a Mercedes Viano with room for 6 passengers plus baggage if any, one guide and one driver. We will probably pass by Skeppsbroraden and Slussen, but I will not tell so much about the history more than perhaps mention the Cathedral (Storkyrkan) with the Parhelion painting (Vädersolstavlan) and St. George and the Dragon (St Göran och draken) sculpture by Berndt Nodtke which could be interesting for those who have some time to spend on their own, depending upon how long they stay in town.

09:00 Our first goal is the Photographic Museum which opens at. 9, where we will look at the current exhibition, I will talk about about the history of photography and different concepts. Once we get outside the museum I will take the opportunity to point out some sights, the view from the museum is fantastic! One can see Skeppsbroraden, the Royal Palace, Gröna Lund and Kastellholmen. Tell them about where and when (1628) the Royal Warship Vasa sank.

10:00 We visit the Museum of Modern Art, which has one of the largest collections of American pop art but also Swedish art from the 20th century. I’m going to focus on a special work; “Apollo” by Matisse, the exciting story about how it got here, and that it has hung in an apartment on Strandvägen. I will talk about the Swedish modernism and the Matisse students. When we are outside I can also take this opportunity to talk about the Royal Institute of Art and its importance to our contemporary artists. At the same time mention some of those who have been most successful.

11:00 Then we’re headed to the National Museum, one of the world’s oldest museum, inaugurated in 1866. Unfortunately we will not be able to walk into the beautiful building on Blasieholmen as it is closed for renovation. But we will go on to Fredsgatan 12 where the museum is housed in the Art Academy premises. When we are there I hope we are able to see Rembrandt’s “The Conspiracy of Claudius Civilis” which has been out on loan to Amsterdam. It has a fascinating history and is one of Sweden’s most valuable paintings. Furthermore I’ll explain a little about the history of the museum and the Art Academy, the people who has helped to lay the foundations for the collection. In this context King Gustav III is an important figure, his achievements and significance of our cultural heritage cannot be ignored.

12-13.00 I have made a reservation at The Inn Ulla Winblad where we taste the best of the Swedish cuisine. This can be a moment to talk about the Art and Industry Exhibition that took place here in 1897 on the island of Djurgården. The inn I have chosen was already located here back then so it will be a pretty authentic experience. Then I can also mention a bit about Djurgården’s history. We will, however, remain on the island for a few hours so there are many occasions for that. This moment is there to relax and enjoy the food.

13:15 We will now visit Prince Eugene’s Waldemarsudde and walk around in the sculpture park. He has contributed a lot to the Swedish art scene through his patronage and he was himself an accomplished artist. Tell the story of the Prince’s Gallery at City Hall.

14:30-15:30 We continue on Djurgården to the Thiel Gallery which mainly exhibits Nordic art from the 19th century and also has a small sculpture park. At first we will concentrate on the Munch collection which is the largest outside the Munch Museum in Oslo. Given the opportunity, I tell about Ernest Thiel, the art collector who built this museum, his relationship with the artists.

15:45-16:45 Millesgården next! Trusting that the weather is nice so it will turn out to be the experience that we hoped for. It will be a perfect ending to an intensive day enjoying the sunset in the sculpture park while talking about Carl Milles life’s work!

17:00-17:30 Back at the hotel, all times are approximate depending on traffic. Leaving the info for the next day and find out if my guests have any special requests for tomorrow.

Day 2

09:30 The customers are picked up at the hotel. Time for a gallery round with art shopping for those who like!

10:00-11:00 The first visit goes to Åmells Konsthandel, a family owned business run in the third generation. Founded in 1922, it is today’s world leader in Scandinavian Art and also works with art ranging from the 18th century’s international Old Master paintings to Contemporary Art. Almost always exhibitions with different themes at display, selling art books from its own publishing house. (

11-12:00 Wetterling Gallery. The gallery which was the first in Scandinavia to exhibit artists such as Robert Rauschenberg, Roy Lichtenstein and Frank Stella. Specializing in American pop art. Natalia Edenmont is one of his Swedish Contemporary artists and she also exhibit in New York. (

12-13:.00 Skajs Antikhandel. Displays and sells an exquisite blend of upscale antiques and art.The main focus is on “antique versus contemporary”.Worth mentioning that they won the Collectors Award a few years ago as the best exhibitor at the largest art and antique fair in Sweden. (

13-14:00 After a late morning, we can handle a little late lunch! Especially when we are so close to Mathias Dahlgren where we have a table waiting. We arrive with high expactations since the restaurant has a star in Guide Michelin. Swedish delights will be enjoyed before the wonderful views over the water and the Royal Palace. Here we can advantageously talk about the Stockholm archipelago and Strömma’s various boat trips. It is barely thirty minutes out to our nearest islands in the archipelago, Fjäderholmarna! The city’s most luxurious hotel, the Grand Hotel which we now have wall to wall, is a perfect place for an evening drink. The Cadier bar, which is named after Régis Cadier, the founder of the hotel, is one of the most popular bars in Stockholm with a very international atmosphere.

14:15:00 We now go on to the Gallery Claes Moser at Karlaplan. It is a small gallery to the surface but nonetheless interesting. Claes Moser who runs the gallery specializes in, among other things, Nordic 19th century art, Swedish modernism and German expressionism. He is known from TV’s Antiques Roadshow, a program broadcasted once a week and is a frequent lecturer. (

15-16.00 Andersson Sandström Gallery is next, a gallery in the forefront when it comes to contemporary international sculpture. Exhibits by Louise Bourgois, Anton Gormley, Tony Cragg and Jaume Plensa. (

16-17.00 Galleri Magnus Karlson, located in the same building as the Academy of Arts. A gallery owner who has participated in launching the best contemporary artists in Sweden. He represents, among others, Karin Mamma Andersson, Jens Fänge, Helene Billgren, Jockum Nordstrom, Klara Kristalova and Dan Wolgers. (

17-18.00 Now we have reached our final destination! It will be Lars Bohman Gallery that will put an end to this day. He exhibits mainly Swedish contemporary artists; painting, photography and sculpture. Some of his artists are Helena Blomqvist, Lotta Hannerz, Peter Frie, Lena Cronqvist and Ernst Billgren. Where I can tell you that the latter has just decided to test his brand by adding an additional identity: Wilhelm von Kröckert! It will be exciting to see what comes next. (

18:30 Back to the hotel hoping that my art interested guests now have had their expectations fullfilled. They have had the opportunity during a two day tour to experience the best Stockholm has to offer when it comes to art. In addition to my guidance it also includes art advisory before making any purchase. They also have the opportunity to contact me for further questions.

There has been a lot of consideration taken to the logistics in order to avoid irritation.

The tour will be comfortable and professionally implemented in every detail, that goes for both the guide as well as the chauffeur.

Alterations may occur though, due to changes in the itinerary, the traffic situation and special requests from the guests.